I have recently invested in the state of the art GC2 Launch Monitor & Simulation system which has been proved the most accurate launch monitor on the market today. It's a measuring machine that provides me and you with various information on what is happening to the ball and clubhead through impact. This in turn projects an accurate real time flight of the ball on the hitting screen. This is then followed with data numbers so I can analyse how the club is performing and/or how the technique is affecting your ball flight.

The GC2 directly measures:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Direction
  • Backspin and Sidespine

The GC2 truly is the only simulator technology that can capture the ball flight data with such accuracy, which is why it is now used by every major equipment manufacturer in their R & D departments.

With this information given after every shot I can build data averages of how a certain club is performing and whether it's suited to your swing. From here we can test various different models and shaft options to compare them against each other to see which is performing the best.

Coaching Using GC2 Launch Monitor & Simulator

One of the biggest problems faced when coaching indoors is not been able to view the ball flight - not anymore!!!

With GC2 I can project a picture of a practice range or golf hole onto the hitting net, combined this with the simulation software you will now be able to see your ball flight as if you were outside!! Therefore you'll see instantly see the improvements from changing technique during a lesson.

This combined with the video analysis I can provide a unbelievable golf lesson experience giving you instant feedback through ball flight and video playback of the swing. All this in the comforts of indoors!

Room Hire


Whether you are wanting to play 18 holes with a friend or just wanting 30 minutes of practice on your own, with the GC2 Simulator anything is possible.

You choose your preferred format- Stableford, Medal, Matchplay or Skins
You choose the course condition- Soft, normal or firm
You choose the weather- no wind, gentle wind or strong wind.

30 minutes - £10.

1 hour - £15.

(£5 per extra player)

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